Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing Facility

Dynamic fine paper mill is located at Village Polai kalan on Kota-Baran National Highway -27, which is 25 Km away from East of kota. The facility is sprayed across 34100 Sq mtr of land & has an installed capacity of 40,000 MT.

The Company has ample resources in terms of assets, technical expertise and technology, Research and Development, plants and state of the art machinery, well equipped laboratory, excellent infrastructure and utilities including water, steam generation, communication, Effluent Treatment Plant, rain water harvesting etc.

The company has superb marketing network including highly effective sales team, distributors, storage facility and fast delivery capabilities.

With this state of art infrastructure, highly skilled people & with latest technology we provide our customers a quality product with on time delivery.

Our manufacturing process is based on the recycling of scrap paper both imported and domestic which emphasis our green initiative. To add further we are treating the residual water from paper making process & are utilizing for increasing the green cover in & around our premises. Also we have built Rain water harvesting unit at our plant.